Amazing UFO Seen Above Niigata Japan

Huge UFO in Niigata, Japan - October 31, 2016 which was a really big deal, it even got on to the news channels.

You'll really like this UFO encounter which has happened over Japan. The major news channels all covered this in 2016.


YouTube video description:

A video recently uploaded to the Internet shows a mysterious green-colored object making its way across the sky over northern Japan. The object was seen by thousands of people in Niigata prefecture on October 31st. Experts say it was most likely a very bright meteor with a peculiar color or a burning fragment of a satellite. 

This photo below is from the CGTN News Channel and captured the UFO perfectly. It's a UFO until it's identified.

Contrary to public information, Japan has a lot of UFO sighting's.

Huge UFO seen over Japan in 2016.

Credit: CGTN News Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

This is pretty huge, interesting and could be a light orb or a UFO with a force field around it? There's many questions here that could be asked but all still come down to this, real or fake?

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We all know that Japan and South Korea is the leading countries in technology so this could be a team or individual just trying out some new and wacky technology?

We will probably never know now? But anyway's let's not let that get us down or bother us because we've all got this video which is smoking awesome.

Here's the Japan 2016 UFO or Meteorite video, check this out above, top.

Please share your thought's and opinions also any ideas that you might have about this amazing Japanese UFO Sighting and or potentially a Meteorite... Either way it's a fantastic UFO sighting. It's a UFO because even now in 2021, it still hasn't been identified as anything. That's not to say that a video or radar, space satellite video etc might be unearthed. Hopefully one day someone will find something out about this and we'll all know one way or the other? It's still a great video. It might be a real UFO exploding going through our Earth's atmosphere.

Original text.

空飛ぶ円盤. そこに東京と多くの人に見られている空飛ぶ円盤 ufo. 場合は、UFO に、これは、あなたのための右のものですか?このページをチェックしていただきありがとうございます、日本人が世界で一番私の他の記事をチェックしてください.

Credit: CGTN News Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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