Aliens Pyramids The Biggest Mystery In Human History

The Discovery Channel are always making awesome documentaries about ancient Aliens and Doomsday prophecies that really amaze me because some of the videos come across as true facts?

But are they real facts or just people's opinions with fluff attached to it? Let's hope they are!

It's like someone higher up the chain of command at National Geography (NatGeo) knows something and is telling us in "clicks, nods and whistles english" that this stuff is real, it's history and if you put it all together it makes sense!

Or they have insider knowledge! Legally they can't say, but can heavily indicate it.

It makes sense to me.
At least it does to me and about 100 million other people!

But that's only at night time, during the day we get what everyone else gets like

I really do believe in the disclosure project and I know of people that have vast information like real facts, true witness statements, testimonies and photographs, videos and ledgers all filled with irrefutable evidence that man is not alone in the universe. 

But I also know that there's a very real disinformation project to. 

What MUFON and SETI is doing is great, but wheres the heart and soul? Seti it seems gives PhD students and professors an income and mufon just wants to charge you to look at your own UFO event that you reported to them! 

Warr be the soul! 

Where's the common touch i.e. show us the evidence, show us what you've found recently?

What's your thoughts and feelings about man's biggest mystery?

Are we alone and more to the point, what the hell are you spending all that money on?

C'mon give us a clue?

Do you know what they're doing at SETI?

Because I don't.

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Lee Lewis UFO Researcher
UFO Sightings Footage

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