When you go to the MUFON website your immediately seeing UFO and Alien witness statements! There's so much information but you have to dig a little bit for it?

But for researchers, they are quite literally thrown in at the deep end without a paddle - when it comes to trying to link these amazing but puzzling events? Can you just imagine trying to sift through 2,000 UFO witness reports EACH WEEK? That's a conservative estimate aswell?

MUFON case number 83129 green UFO seen above the tree tops in Irma, South Carolina, US
Green UFO seen by eye witness just moving slowly? Irma, South Carolina, US.
That's right guys, UFO eye witness reports are getting to the point that it look's like the so-called Aliens MUST have a secret base either in or on planet Earth? The reports mentioned just then are based on many years of reports and taken in to an over all percentage well, maybe there's a bit more or a tad less depending on the witnesses actually coming forward?

If these are the actual witness or eye witness report's of UFO sightings, can you just imagine how many actual UFO events really does happen on a daily basis, but then doesn't get reported. It has to be ten's of thousands each month, easily? And that's probably just an estimated guess?

Similar looking green UFO witnessed by people in Irma, South Carolina, USA.
Irmo, South Carolina. (Credit: Google)

What about the other places where one can report a UFO sighting? Like on this website, our website - UFO Sightings Footage? One can report a UFO sighting and submit a witness testimony with or without media like images or videos? You need to look on websites (like ours) which are dedicated to UFO and Alien phenomenons and you'll see that pretty much most of these amazing and dedicated websites allow one to report their encounters either in person or anonymously?


It's understandable that some people wish not to show their names or have their names put to any or all UFO reports submitted officially? When I say "officially" I mean to places like MUFON or NUFORC and there's even a dedicated place in Chile called: (CEFAA) controlled by the Chilean Air Force. Also I've just found this one aswell:
UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network (UFOCUS NZ).
That's 4 (FOUR) different places where one can report a UFO or Alien encounter and it's official?
It's actually 5 (FIVE) places if you include our website where one can report your UFO encounters and your Alien experiences?

Check this out hen?
San Clemente, Chile is considered to be the unofficial UFO capital of the world. Researchers say that hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported there, as much as one per week. So popular is the area that the Chilean tourism board established an official UFO trail in 2008.

James Florio / Elqui Domos Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel
James Florio /Elqui Domos - Astronomical Hotel

It's a good thing to report these sightings because researchers can then pinpoint, narrow down and more accurately guess the types and sizes plus the crafts which where seen? It's all about identification of crafts, identification of which places the same craft or UFO was seen at and when? These are all really, really important information which one must never forget to include with their own UFO and Alien testimonies?

A South Carolina witness at Irmo reported watching a green glowing object with a trail moving along at the treetop level, according to testimony in Case 83129 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was outside taking a walk at 8:43 p.m. on April 12, 2017, when the incident occurred. “I was looking at the clear sky with stars hoping to see a meteor shower,” the witness stated. “I then noticed a small, glowing object coming over the horizon at treetop level.

Similar looking green UFO witnessed by people in Irma, South Carolina, USA.
Image by Google
The object glowed green with the outline pulsing and seemed to have a white, smoky trail visible in the street lights.” The witness noted that the object came in from the northwest directly overhead and disappeared over the treetops. “I was unable to get my phone camera working in time, but immediately after the object was beyond visible range, used my phone compass to get a location fix and azimuth direction: Location 34°7'15"N, 81°9'45" heading 113°SE, visible for five seconds.

Object seemed to leave a trail, but no lingering exhaust or smoke remained in its wake. There was no sound.” South Carolina MUFON State Director Cheryl Ann Gilmore and Field Investigator Charles Beers closed this case as an Unknown UAV. This case was very recent it was reported on 03/05/2018 and on the MUFON website it was wrote by a one: Roger Marsh.

Here is a few images which depict the same green(ish) features which were as described in the MUFON case number 83129 by the actual eye witness. These other UFO encounters were witnessed by other people in other places around the world but have very, very similar features and characteristics as the one witnessed over the tree tops in Irma, South Carolina?

Click here for the best experience you'll ever have when it comes to UFO reports all in one place at the same time? I'm talking about MUFON's website and massive, huge, enormous archives! This green glowing UFO has been spotted flying above Florida USA, the craft could be seen emitting a bright green light.

Characteristics - This glowing UFO has been spotted flying above Florida, the craft can be seen emitting a bright green colours it was also stated that there was a static noise in the background. These green UFO images are our interpretation of what was seen on that day in particular on the 03/05/2018.

Similar looking green UFO witnessed by people in Irma, South Carolina, USA.
Image by Google

When it comes to UFOs and the green types, we can't rule out Aliens aswell? It could be that Aliens are actually on board and need this light source for their engineered atmosphere on board the crafts? If they have come from a distant planet (which it must be a far off planet because we would know about it if it was close by?)

The green color indicates this to me, it tell's me that it's an intelligently engineered and extremely brilliant atmosphere? This is stunning if it is true? This is the first thing that we need to tackle once we have the green light to settle on Mars in just one of many, many off world colonies? In the future, the future is in every direction? What I mean by this is that no matter where one is on Earth, you can always point to a colony?

Even if there's only one colony to start with, you can point in the direction of it even if one points to the floor and out the other end? A bit like the space apps which have mapped the space and universe? No matter how the cell phone or tablet is held it will always have things like Venus or the Moon in a fixed position?

All green UFO images are credited to Google search results. The reason why we have chosen this epic UFO sighting is because we believe that this is linked to some other "green UFO sightings?" There's been so many other green UFO sightings that we believe there's a pattern which is occurring? This pattern is very intriguing and very baffling? None of us here at UFO Sightings Footage are behavior analysts? All we know is our common sense and our gut feelings to off?

There are these other green UFO witness reports and we are going to link to them from here:

#1 Link
#2 Link
#3 Link
#4 Link

Guys, there's just so much research needed to even give a bearing? If you can't get your bearings well then it's a really big conundrum? What does one do in this situation? What can I do to make a start on this information? How do I simplify the process to get through the mountains and mountains of evidence but in a way that doesn't effect the witness testimony and keeps it's information the same as from when the witness wrote it or spoke it?

We have New Zealand pilots witnessing GREEN UFOs and beams of GREEN LIGHT?

This encounter was in 2003 and it was witnessed by yes, you guessed it... A PILOT! A trained observer and a trained spotter of other air crafts? It is like Christmas day because in terms of reputations and the likelihood of this been mistaken for something else is very, very low?

2003 - Two NZ Pilots Sight Glowing Green UFO

Date: March 2003
Time: Approx 11.30 pm
Location: Waihi Beach, Bay of Plenty, North Island, NZ
Witness/es: R. Germon, light aircraft commercial pilot, & J. Lobet, private pilot

The conditions on this evening were perfect with clear visibility and no wind. Two pilots taking a late evening stroll along Waihi Beach, north of Tauranga, at around 11.30 pm, observed a small green light out at sea that they thought at first must be a light on the mast of a boat near Mayor Island. However the light appeared to be directly approaching the mainland and their position on the beach, rapidly growing larger as it did so.

The light had a distinctive bright phosphorus green glow. They soon realized that the light was airborne low over the water's surface, approaching from the direction of Mayor Island, and travelling at a speed they estimated at around 180 knots. The airborne object was completely silent. As it came closer, they noticed that within the green glow there were actually three bright green lights forming a triangle. The leading light was raised slightly higher than the other two, and was larger.

Link to the research and information.

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