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If you could check us out on Patreon and help this channel, site and multi-tasking good people who just want the truth to be heard when it comes to conspiracies and cover ups of all kinds then that would be much appreciated and will help us get to the truth and expose the lies that are peddled by the powerful underbelly of society and the corporate gangsters!

Patreon is helping many, many people and organisations realize their potentials. We need your help to research, uncover and spread the world but alas, many of the platforms we need a presence on just simply won't give it away for free? To get heard and be heard we need better equipment and as anyone knows, it costs?

If you could support UFO Sightings Footage reach its potential that would be gladly received and really appreciated. Thank you for checking us out here at UFO Sightings Footage, we strive for quality and to be the best in our chosen field of conspiracy theories and cover ups! We're aiming for the Moon, but we want to make it there and not pretend we went there and planted a flag which blows in the wind, lol.
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