Chilling computer simulation shows the terrifying impact a nuclear explosion would have on a major city.

Here's a terrifying new way to look at the world courtesy of bored scientists, and boy did they put real effort in to this! I mean every single person or agent was allowed to think for itself (and yes, it's a computer simulation) but the data and amounts of it was astonishing!

Hundreds of thousands individual "agents" were allowed to choose their own response which is artificial intelligence no matter how you dress it up which I always suspected was way, way ahead of what "they" meaning scientists were telling us anyways? This is absolutely morbidly 
fascinating? Would you agree? i mean they even gave this a day, Monday morning in May I think it was, spooky?

Scientists used the model to gauge the destruction a nuclear bomb would cause and how people would react if there was a strike.

Still from the new terrifying simulation that shows the impact of an atomic bomb explosion in Washington DC.

In the dystopian vision experts simulate a nuclear bomb exploding in Washington DC. The result is catastrophic, with an entire city block instantly obliterated and further buildings blasted for a mile in almost every direction. Researchers found people who "do nothing" - by staying outside with no protection from radiation - were most likely to die. They also calculated an estimated 280,000 people would be killed in just 48 hours. The simulation was designed to give emergency planners an idea of what chaos would be caused from gridlock, power outages and destroyed communications.

The simulation is designed to give emergency planners an idea of the chaos a nuclear explosion would cause.

An entire city block would be instantly obliterated Computer scientists from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University even created individual personalities for each resident. Science alert writes: “The ‘agents’ acted according to their age, gender and occupation, reacting in different ways from 'fleeing in panic' to 'standing paralysed with fear. “We describe a large-scale simulation of the aftermath of a hypothetical 10kT improvised nuclear detonation at ground level, near the White House in Washington DC. “Agent decision-making takes into account their health status, information about family members, information about the event, and their local environment.” The study showed some looked out for their family while others ran blindly away. When humans carried out “shelter-seeking, evacuation, healthcare-seeking, and worry” they were more likely to survive.

Computer scientist created individual personalities for each resident.

Buildings would be blasted for at least a mile in almost every direction.

Researchers found that people who did nothing and stayed outside were most likely to die Scientists found the best course of action was to take shelter first and then take steps to escape afterwards. Those who tried to seek out family members and “aided and assisted” other people were more likely to die. The simulation, which was first revealed by Science Magazine, shows that venturing away from a safe place leaves people will be subjected to a higher dose of radiation, which could potentially prove fatal. Last month researchers created an interactive map that revealed the terrifying scope of a nuclear blast for any given area.

This haunting image from the simulation captures the moment of explosion.

The simulation shows the extent of the fireball, radiation, shock wave, and heat spawned by different weapons, from the 15 KT ‘Little Boy’ dropped on Hiroshima to the USSR’s 50,000 KT Tsar Bomba. Users can also select between a surface blast or airburst, and four different bombs: the 15KT “Little Boy,” North Korea’s 150 KT Hwasong-14, the US’s 300KT W-87, and the 50,000 KT Tsar Bomba, the largest USSR bomb ever detonated. If a W-87 were dropped over New York City, for example, the effects would be catastrophic.

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