I've been to Mars claims US Presidential Candidate (Video)


Yep, it's that straight forward! This guy Mr Basiago A TOP lawyer who hopes to be the next US president has sensationally claimed he once traveled to Mars as part of a secret space program that he says involved Barack Obama. Andrew Basiago, a trial lawyer who stood as an independent candidate for the US presidential election in 2016, has indicated he will contest the next one from 2020.

What do you think about this?

Was he part of some secret Pentagon program?

The jump room?

It's a weird story I have to say... We cover it all here in the video. There's a lot to get through and a lot of questions? If you believe people have been to Mars already and you believe we are not seeing the tip of the iceberg of futuristic technology then you could be right? It's a very weird world we live in and it's one of secrets and intrigue? This story is both intriguing and very, very weird indeed!

I've been to Mars claims US Presidential Candidate but what do you think about his story.

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